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  • 7 Ways Vacuums Improve Your lifestyle

    28th Mar 2019

    7 Ways Vacuums Improve Your lifestyle

    EPA identifies indoor air quality one of the top five health issues confronting individuals in both domestic and commercial environments. Vacuums increase particulate in the air from their simple mov…

    Published by Ray Storti

  • Contemporary Commercial Cleaning

    21st Aug 2018

    Contemporary Commercial Cleaning

    Enhance customer satisfaction and revenue by routinely and safely cleaning the exposed surfaces resulting from contemporary commercial space design.Interior space design has moved away from the tradit…

    Published by Ray Storti

  • Blogpost image

    17th Jun 2015

    Electric vs Turbine Revisited

    A turbine nozzle and low voltage hose can be found for about 50% of the cost of a premium electric nozzle and total control electric brush. Why should I spend the extra money for an electric n…

    Published by Ray Storti