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7 Ways Vacuums Improve Your lifestyle

7 Ways Vacuums Improve Your lifestyle

Published by Ray Storti on 28th Mar 2019

EPA identifies indoor air quality one of the top five health issues confronting individuals in both domestic and commercial environments. Vacuums increase particulate in the air from their simple movement, agitation, and the exhaust air stream. While HVAC systems may eventually filter this particulate from the air, they do not address the immediate increase in exposure. Central vacuums eliminate the exhaust air typical of all portable vacuums helping to alleviate the airborne particulate by capturing the dust in the air stream and carrying it out of the main living space to a remote collection unit in the garage or mechanical room in the home.

Routine vacuuming reduces allergens like pet dander, dust mites, dust mite byproduct, and other organic contaminants that can promote the growth of bacteria, molds leading to negative reactions in sensitive individuals. It is important to recognize that these powerful allergens are present not only on the floor but will be present on upholstered surfaces, draperies, and bedding. Central vacuums offer the perfect solution for cleaning all elevated surfaces in the home like the couch, chairs, draperies, stairs, as well as dust settling on flat surfaces. If not a central vacuum consider a canister vacuum or add a hose extension for your upright vacuum to provide for elevated cleaning. Vacuuming elevated hard surfaces is a superior solution to traditional dusting where the particulate often becomes airborne.

Routine vacuuming preserves both the appearance and life of floor coverings protecting the aesthetic of your home or workplace environment while saving money by prolonging the life of your floor covering investment. After the purchase of the home replacement of flooring is recognized to be the highest maintenance cost associated with home ownership.

A clean domestic environment adds to a sense of well being and control over one’s environment. Studies suggest simple tasks well done like making the bed or cleaning away clutter and debris have a positive physiological benefit.

Vacuum related solutions have become very specialized offering solutions that ease the effort needed to maintain a clean environment and eliminate less effective solutions that historically were used to address routine cleaning tasks. Wet and dry solutions offer quick clean up and eliminate the health risks of traditional mops and buckets.

Product innovation in vacuums solutions address health safety issues like the use of ladders to clean elevated surfaces in both commercial and domestic environments. Ladders with their attached risks are high on the OSHA list of safety concerns in both domestic and commercial environments. Balancing on a ladder while attempting to clean elevated surfaces present in modern homes places you in risk as well as posing a risk to furnishings in your home should a fall occur. There are new solutions that can utilize your central vacuum for cleaning elevated surfaces to 25 feet while standing safely on the floor.

Innovation in complimentary products to vacuums can eliminate health risks and the need for clean up after the fact. As an example, new hose solutions permit the collection of dust and debris from power tools as it is generated by connecting power tools with the vacuum for source capture of debris and depositing it safely in your vacuums collection bin.