Microfiber Detailing Kit (97547)

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This microfiber kit has been put together with detailing in mind. Whether you're cleaning your home, car, RV, boat or are a contractor cleaning an office, this kit has you covered.

  • 1x Extendable Duster
  • 3x Super Towel
  • 2x Dusting Mitt
  • 3x Waffle Towel

Microfiber extendable duster with bendable head & additional sleeve. The bendable pad supporting a soft micro-fiber sleeve is great for cleaning ceiling fan blades, artwork,  light fixtures, and the tops of cabinets and book shelves. The microfiber sleeve attracts and captures dust and cobwebs from high corners in the room. The telescopic wand extends reach to a full 60 inches making it easy to clean why standing comfortably on the floor. Not one but two microfiber sleeves permit cleaning of the whole home and being washable you have a solution that last years.

Large 24 x 36 inch gray Super Towel, much bigger than most competing towels. The 37902 towel is great for drying the dog after a wash, or their feet when they come back into the house during a rain. The 37902  will hold 40 times the water of a traditional towel which means a single towel will dry even the largest SUV after a wash. Great for use on the boat during fishing, in the RV, or anywhere that a super absorbent towel is needed.

The unique structure of micro-fibers are ideal for trapping and holding dust. This makes the 51845 mitt perfect for dusting of fine furnishings, the dash of your automobile, or in your RV without the use of chemicals. Microfiber will not shed lint like common dusting cloths. Great for use on electronics like computer screens and televisions, without the risk of the fine scratches possible when using traditional cloths. The dense extra soft fibers permit not just dusting but also polishing surfaces like stainless steel, glass, and counter tops. Simply flip over the mitt to double the surface area available to hold and trap dust. Machine washable the 51845 will remain effective through hundreds of washes.

Use the 53627 24" X 36" microfiber waffle towel after washing your car, to dry it quickly to get a streak-free looking car. the microfiber design holds 40 times more moisture than traditional towels, leading to quick drying, making it ideal for drying pets after a wash or their paws as they come in from outside. The super absorbent towel can be used for drying kids coming in from the pool. They make a great multi-purpose towel for contract cleaning homes and office space where their larger size permits one towel use.

2.50 LBS