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Finding the right crevice tool for the many places one is needed in the home isn’t always easy. Most upright vacuums, canister vacuums, and home shop vacuums have limited storage for tools and provide a very basic crevice with limited uses. All things crevice provides a solution for known cleaning applications around the home, in your car, and for the hobbyist from sewing to model builders. These tools will work with most major brands of home shop vacuums equipped with 1.25” hoses. These tools are not designed to accommodate vacuums with oval shaped cleaning wands like found on some Dyson products.

  • All things crevice is designed to address typical needs around the home for cleaning tight spots. A 24” flexible crevice is ideal for use along the consoles in your car or as a way to draw lint from your clothes dryer reducing the risk of a fire. The 36” flexible crevice is great for cleaning under appliances or large furnishings without having to move them.
  • A series of small detailing tools are ideal for louvers on your car dash, cleaning keyboards, and electronics. The pin point nozzles are vented to insure air flow and prevent overheating of your vacuum motor. Many micro tool sets lack this feature and can reduce the life of your vacuum motor due to overheating. Great for the hobbyist.
  • A 13” vented crevice will access deep crevices without the risk of the tool sealing off. No need to worry about debris escaping as the vacuum keeps all debris in the air stream by pulling air both from the tool end and through the venting holes without comprising cleaning performance. Complimented with a brush a crevice solution for radiators and other vented appliances.
  • All things crevice tools are compatible with typical 1.25” US brands of canister and uprights and the 1.25” to 1.375” adapter allows it to fit popular European brands. Brands include Eureka, Miele, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Oreck, Hoover, some models of Dyson, Panasonic, Kenmore, Bissell and several Shark products as well as all major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Eureka, Cyclovac, VacuMaid, Vacuflo, MD, Canavac, and Imperium.

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