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97921 Reach Camera, Light and Mounting Package

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Designed as a real time camera and work light system compatible the full range of Cen-Tec Reach interior and exterior elevated cleaning kits. The 97921 is backward compatible and can be retrofitted to all formerly sold Reach kits including 90309, 90309B, 93125, 93125B, 94753 as well as all carbon fiber gutter cleaning solutions.

A high intensity LED light floods the work zone with a clean white light to help ensure effective capture of dust and debris on elevated horizontal and vertical surfaces.

A camera system to provide real time video of the work as it is executed and storage of the video for client confirmation, review, and future reference. Ideal for retaining records associated with agency requirements for health, safety, and fire code mandates.

The high intensity rechargeable LED light and rechargeable camera are charged through standard USB ports.

The system utilizes the clients smart phone as the viewing screen during work and storage of the video to minimize system cost.

A simple effective easy to use clamping system holds the camera and light securely to any of the Reach wands at the point of use and permits the light and camera to be angled for effective video capture of the real time results.

The system helps the associate monitor the work being performed for task effectiveness while remaining safely on the floor.


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