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61743 1.5 Inch (38mm) Steel Commercial Telescopic Ratchet Wand

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The 61743 telescopic wand is designed specifically for use with Sidewinder and compatibility with Pro-Blade tools to optimize productivity.

The wand adjusts from 44” fully collapsed to 60" fully extended. The positive ratchet telescopic feature allows adjustment to the user to optimize the Sidewinder or Pro-Blade designs.

Telescopic feature is excellent for using the Sidewinder or Pro-Blade for cleaning return air ducts and textured walls adjusting to extend the attainable surface height.

Produced in steel with scratch and mar proof black coating the 61743 has a positive single hand ratcheting system the 61743 telescopic avoids the experience of a seized or slipping twist lock telescopic system.

At 1.75 pounds the 61743 wand will keep your system light and nimble.

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