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2.5" to 1.25" Home Shop Vacuum Extension Hose

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Many home shop vacuums were sold with 2.25" vacuum hoses of length from 5 to 7 feet in length. These hose may work with the provided wands and floor tool but are not suitable for detailing ones car or cleaning up around the bench top of ones shop. 

The 98614 (10 foot) or 98625  (16 foot) are designed to plug directly into the typical home shop vacuum directly providing extended length cleaning or with use of the adaptor connected to the end of the 2.5" hose proving added length in a hose diameter better suited for car detailing, bench top clean-up and other tasks where flexibility and improved airflow are needed to accomplish the task. 

The 1.25" hose features a smooth interior optimizing the performance of the vacuum and unsurpassed flexibility ideal for working in tight spaces as one may find when cleaning a vehicle. 

The hoses come with a tank fitting designed to fit male into home shop vacuums with a 2.25" inner diameter tank opening. 

The working end of the hose features a 5", 360 degree, swivel adaptor which accepts industry standard 1.25" cleaning accessories. 

An adaptor reference 61666 is designed to accept the male end of the 2.5" hose and connect to the tank end of the 98614 or 98625 hose affecting the desired extension. 

Increases the versatility of your home shop vacuum.