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Reach Ventilation Duct Cleaning Kit, 21 Foot

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  • The 95754 includes three aluminum ratchet telescopic wands forming the base of the system. Each of the three wands is designed with a locking feature to ensure against unintended separation. Each of the wands use a ratchet system for positively locking at one inch intervals as they are extended providing maximum flexibility to set the height at a level optimum for effective cleaning.
  • The 95754 includes a 45 degree adaptor wand that locks to the extension wands and includes an industry standard ABS compression collar for in turn locking in place one of the three patented pivoting ventilation. The 45 degree angle has been shown best for permitting the ventilation tool to track over the full surface of duct from across the top and pivoting down the surface to ensure all portions of the duct work can be cleaned. 
  • The 95754 includes three patented ventilation duct cleaning tools designed for cleaning surfaces ranging from 6 inches in diameter and up to 6 feet in diameter. The double swivel 90 degree neck design is the key to letting the tool travel the surface even when conditions require the user to stand close or even under the duct work. Each of the three tools feature double nylon brushes designed to create a plenum to ensure the necessary airflow for debris collection is realized.
  • The 95754 is designed for use with commercial backpack vacuums and commercial canister vacuums equipped for use with 1.5” cleaning accessories.
  • Airflow (CFM) is important to effective source capture of debris when cleaning elevated surfaces. Ideally, a vacuum providing 120 CFM is appropriate when cleaning surfaces above 20 feet to ensure confident collection of debris. Most commercial backpack and canister vacuums equipped for use of 1.5” accessories achieve this level of performance.

Cen-Tec Systems 95754 is designed for safe effective cleaning of exposed round ventilation duct popularly installed as part of both commercial and residential HVAC systems while safely standing on the floor. The 95754 will allow effective cleaning of ductwork up to 24 feet from the floor and is designed so all components lock in place should it become necessary to work from elevated platforms. The entire system from floor to tool locks together for safe use when working overhead or from an elevated platform.

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