Premium Commercial Backpack Vacuum & Domestic Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaning Accessories

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  • The 93532 accessory set is designed to work with 1.25” male connectors, curved ends and wands typical of domestic vacuums and 1.50” hose cuffs typical of high air flow commercial backpack and wet dry vacuums. They are an ideal choice for home shop vacuums equipped with 1.25” or 1.50” accessories.
  • The 93532 handle features and over molded soft grip for user comfort that is angled at 30 degrees for better control increasing the versatility of its use.
  • The 93532 accepts a slide on 11 inch paddle crevice with large 3.50” wide opening for collecting both large and small debris due to improved airflow. The paddle crevice is ideal for use between the center consul and seat in your car, cleaning reclining seats in a movie theater, work benches, and around the home or office.
  • The 93532 accepts a slide on upholstery tool with large 1” by 4.5” mouth ideal for capturing large debris with high airflow vacuums making it ideal for commercial backpack vacuums, wet-dry vacuums, and home shop vacuums. By increasing the angle you can engage the toothed edge of the tool to lift matted carpet, groom upholstered surfaces, and release stuck on dirt.
  • The 93532 has a long nylon fill slide on dusting head that is paint brush soft making it ideal for cleaning car louvers, key boards, light fixtures, and other uneven surfaces.

The 93532 accessory tools were developed for use with high airflow vacuums like commercial backpacks, wet-dry vacuums, car detailing vacuums, central vacuums, and home shop vacuums. The soft grip handle is designed to accept 1.25” male fit curved ends, wands, and adaptors making them suitable for most major brands of domestic and home shop vacuums equipped for use with typical 1.25” cleaning accessories. The 32-35 mm adaptor included with the tools allows their use with major European brand vacuums like Meile and Sebo. The handle is designed for a female fit inside standard 1.50” hose cuffs typical of backpack vacuums and wet-dry vacuums both commercial and domestic equipped with 1.50” hose. The 93532 is compatible with major commercial backpack vacuums including Pro-Team, Sanitaire, NSS, Tennant, Mosquito, Mercury, Perfect, Bissell, Hoover, Nilfisk, Sandia, Numatic, and Karcher. The 93532 accessories are compatible with major home shop vacuum brands equipped with 1.25” and 1.50” hose including Shop Vac, Craftsman, Ridgid, Home Shop, and VacMaster. The 93532 is compatible and ideal for use with central vacuums especially in the garage or home shop areas.

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