Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose, Light Gray

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Designed to provide superior airflow in a lightweight design to address the two features most desired in a central vacuum on/off control hose. The 360 degree swivel handle is designed to reduce kinking, stress on the hose, and stress on you as the user by relaxing any tension in the hose as you move through the room. The length provides extra reach and ensure there is sufficient length to prevent tugging and pulling to reach to the corner of the room. The pearl-gray color and soft rounded crown is designed to reduce the possibility of marking walls, floor, or furnishings while also avoiding wear to door frames and chair legs. The hose is compatible with industry standard central vacuum inlets including Nutone branded valves equipped with low voltage contacts in the opening of the inlet valve. You can confirm suitability by putting your finger into the hose opening and confirming there are two low voltage contacts on the upper surface of the opening. No need for concern as these contacts are low volt and will not harm you in any fashion. Compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including Eureka, Beam, Electrolux, Vacumaid, Cana-vac, Hoover, Cyclo-vac, Husky, Vacuflo inlets with pin jack inlets, M+S, MD, Imperium, and most regional brands.

  • A 1.375” pearl gray central vacuum hose designed to fit industry typical wall inlet valves and provide for on off control of your central vacuum from the hose handle
  • Has a 360 degree swivel handle with a comfortable grip providing single handle control of the hose and vacuum tools in a comfortable compact design
  • The hose carcass is lightweight and crush proof to making it easier to vacuum and reducing fatigue. The hose is highly flexible and has a soft surface with rounded corrugations to avoid damage to household furnishings without the need for a hose sock
  • Compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including eureka, beam, Electrolux, vacumaid, cana-vac, hoover, cyclo vac, husky, vacuflo inlets with pin jack inlets, m + s, md, imperium, and most regional brands
  • The eva body and pearl gray color will not mark walls, floors, or furnishings
  • The wall end design fits industry standard wall inlets equipped with low voltage contacts inside the valve opening. The split contacts in the wall end provide a simple circuit through to the handle switch for turning your central vacuum power unit on and off at the working end of the hose
  • The locking stub tube is ideal for insuring the wand stays in place, avoiding unintended separation
  • A low voltage hose, so it is not compatible with electric power nozzles

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