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CT20QD with Panasonic/Kenmore 2 Piece Electric Wands

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Replacement electric power nozzle and two piece wand set for canister vacuums sold under the Panasonic and Kenmore brands with Powermate electric power nozzles.

The dynamic characteristics of the power nozzle makes them subject to wear over time. Replacing the power nozzle can renew the performance of the canister vacuum cleaning performance.

The CT20QD is a 14" wide electric power nozzle with chevron agitator. The chevron agitator design captures dirt at both ends of the nozzle and pulls it to the center where the power of the canister vacuum captures and recovers the dirt and debris in the vacuum bag. The CT20QD features a poly-v lifetime belt inset to ensure brushed edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. A four position height adjustment allows the nozzle to be customized to carpet conditions ensuring deep cleaning of imbedded dirt and superior surface grooming maintaining carpet appearance. A LED headlight and quick release wand system permitting the wands to be used with a hard floor brush or for above the floor cleaning are added features.

The two piece wand set once assembled requires no assembly for continued use. A cord management feature at the top of the wand aligns the electric plug for a safe, easy connection to the canisters vacuum hose.

Replacement solution compatible with Panasonic - Powermate canister model references 917, 938, 983, and 985.

Replacement solution compatible with Kenmore canister model references 2264; 116. ; and 116.226143310.