CT16QD Electric Power Nozzle

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The CT16QD is designed for use on low pile, wool, and synthetic material commercial grade carpets.   

The CT16QD is a 14" wide electric power nozzle with chevron agitator that pulls debris to the center of the brush where it can be captured by the air stream.  The poly-v drive belt is inset to allow for brushed edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. 

The CT16QD has a four position height adjustment allowing the nozzle height to be set to optimize cleaning and surface grooming. 

A quick release wand feature on the neck allows the cleaning wand to be pulled from the nozzle for above the floor and floor brush use. 

Over molded wheels runs quite on hard floor surfaces. A clear hood ovvr the agitator permits you to confirm the agitator is running as intended.