Central Vacuum Garage & Car Cleaning Kit with 1.25 Inch Commercial Grade Vacuum Hose

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  • The central vacuum garage and car cleaning kit includes a crush proof commercial grade vacuum hose featuring the Cen-Tec exclusive arc relax  strain relief that helps preserve hose life by reducing kinking and sharp bends at the wall valve and working end of the hose. The hose s in a safety orange color to help prevent trip and fall concerns by making it easy to see and identify the hose.
  • Features a four piece premium accessory set including a 30 degree soft grip handle, 13” wide mouth paddle crevice, paint brush soft dusting tool, and an upholstery tool that is ideal for lifting matted carpet and releasing stuck on dirt from floor mats, trucks, and upholstery. An extra natural fill dusting tool is included for gentle cleaning of cloth upholstery.
  • The upholstery tool is designed to mimic the commercial car wash tool with a wide open throat to pick up large and ununiform debris. The wide paddle crevice is extended in use when slid onto the soft grip handle making it ideal for cleaning down into the space between the center console and bucket seats. The wide and deep opening maximizes the cleaning effectiveness when reaching deep under seating or into the deep pockets of door pockets.
  • The accessory set is designed to fit close to the 360 degree swivel end on the hose to make cleaning easier to control the tools when working in confined space. The swivel feature allows the tools to be positioned for maximum effectiveness.
  • Includes two plastic extension wands and a 12” natural fill floor brush allowing you to not only clean the car but also tidy up around the garage.
  • Includes a handy hose hanger and caddy bag for holding all the tools when not in use. We recommend hanging the hose at close to eye level which reduces the need to tightly coil the hose making it easier to retrieve only the length needed to address the project you have underway.

This kit is designed to use your central vacuum system in the garage or work shop for fast effective clean-up. The Cen-Tec exclusive tool set was designed with the unique cleaning requirements associated with detailing cars, boats, and RV’s. The tool set is set at a unique 30 degree angle not the typical 45 degree to relax your wrist and reduce the effort that comes from trying to position the tool at the proper angle for effective cleaning. The nylon fill dusting tool is paint brush soft with extra long fill to reach into the louvers on your car dash, the deep corner when the dash meets the windshield and down into the deep pockets on the door panels. A second dusting tool is ideal for grooming upholstery and open hard surfaces. The upholstery tool feature can be angled down for gentle cleaning or angled up to engage aggressive teeth for raising matted carpet or releasing stuck on dirt that dries and grabs the carpet surface. The two extension wands a 12” natural fill floor brush extends the use of the kit to floors and walls great for capturing cobwebs or saw dust. The crush proof commercial grade hose will last for years even in harsh high use environments. The kit is compatible with all major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Canavac, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Nutone, M&S, Honeywell, MD, Galaxie, Imperium, and Cyclovac.

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