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99120 | Perfect Power 6 Quart HEPA Backpack Kit with Electric Power Nozzle

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The 99120 is designed as a full feature commercial backpack vacuum for use in commercial and residential spaces where mixed flooring including carpeting, hard floor, and transitional flooring is present. 

The solution includes a high performance HEPA PP6 six quart commercial backpack vacuum, a full set of standard accessories for vacuuming mixed flooring, above the floor cleaning, a 50 foot extension and a 15" 120V power nozzle solution for cleaning and grooming carpeted surfaces. 

The back pack vacuum provides 120 inches of water lift to pull debris from the floor surface and 120CFM of airflow to quickly move debris to the collection bin. The vacuum includes both an RF and manual on-off option eliminating the need for the switch box on the belt that adds weight and pulls the power cord forward to facilitate free movement.  

A well padded harness, wide shoulder and waist belts ensure user comfort. Weighing in at less than 10 pounds the vacuum provides a comfortable solution when doing extended vacuuming. 

The 50 foot 16/3 50 foot extension cord is secured to the vacuum using the patent pending cord locking screw which ensures the cord stays connected as you move through the space and strain reliefs the plug reducing service concerns. 

Ensuring further reliability is a motor protection feature which signals the user when the bag is full or there is a clog reducing air flow through the vacuums motor. Maintaining air flow extends motor life and reduces down time. A twist off lid in a durable rotomolded tank eliminates latches and aids in fast service f the filters. 

HEPA filtration is achieved though a H10 liner bag set inside a SMS high filtration security filter basket adding to filtration effectiveness and security should a liner bag fail or be forgotten on site. The exhaust air HEPS panel filter is set inside a protective slot to ensure against damage to the filter or filter frame. 

A full complement of accessories including hose, multi-surface floor nozzle, nylon floor brush and above the floor cleaning tools. 

Rounding out the 99120 is a 15" wide 120V power nozzle, wand set, and second hose solution specifically designed for the power nozzle solution. This solution allows one to quickly change from the typical back pack cleaning accessories to the independent power nozzle for vacuuming carpeted surfaces. The chevron agitator is designed to open carpet pile for effective embedded dirt pick-up and groom the carpet surface helping to maintain carpet life and appearance. The power nozzle connects to an industry unique quick release plug outlet on the PP6 vacuum. The plug is locked in to prevent unintended release and can be released by simply pushing a quick release tab above the plug.