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98548 Quick Click Separator Bucket 12 Gallon with Air Relief

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98548 is designed to provide a high volume ( 12 gallon ) collection bin for collecting wet or dry debris captured by the Quick Click separator collecting over 99% of debris in a easy to empty bin in advance of the vacuum. Use of a separator preserves filter life and reducing the potential for motor life reducing airflow restriction through the vacuums motor due to clogged filters.

Saves the cost replacement bags and filters in your vacuum reducing cost over time and can contribute to increased vacuum life.  Saves you time by eliminating the need to frequently clean or replace filters to maintain vacuum performance. 

The Quick Click separator can be used either with or without the installed baffle depending on the debris profile being collected. The baffle increases the effective collection of fine debris which is more damaging to filters and presents the highest health risk to the user. 

What the baffle does do is limit collection of larger debris ( excess of .750" ) in diameter as it cannot pass between the baffle plate and the wall of the separator. Even without the baffle debris collection will exceed 95% effectiveness of all debris. Some consider using the separators in series the first without baffle and the second with baffle to insure 99% collection of all debris. If used for two stage filtration in front of your present dust collector consider using it without the installed baffle. 

A 12 gallon heavy duty high density polyethylene collection bin. A ratcheting screw lid with sealing gasket for easy opening and closing to make emptying of the bin easy and reliable. Unlike pry lids the screw lid feature will not degrade over time providing years of reliable service. The wide base of the 12 gallon bin makes the solution more stable in use as compared to the common 5 gallon solutions.  A unique ratchet locking feature insures the bin will not open unintentionally during transport making it ideal for use by remodeling contractors or disaster recovery firms. 

Th bin is equipped with an air relief feature which helps insure against a sealed suction condition which can contribute to reduced motor life. The air relief feature can be adjusted to meet conditions. We recommend the relief be adjusted to open as the system approaches a 95% sealed condition. 

Both the intake and from the working hose and out-take to the vacuum accept industry typical 2.25" hose connections. This dimension is often described as 2.5" or 1 7/8" in vacuum literature. Measure the mal e end of intended hoses to confirm your diameter. 

The 98549 comes fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Dimensions assembled 17" X 17" X 35" .