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98460 | Aeon Vacuum with Steel Hose Reel, 1.5 Inch X 50 Foot Hose and 1.5 Inch Commercial Accessory Kit

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Combines a wall mounted hose management system with a wall mounted high performance HEPA vacuum that can support the 1.5" X 50 foot commercial vacuum hose and accessories to deliver superior cleaning to your garage, detailing shop, car dealership, or production floor. The system is 100% wall hung eliminating clutter on the garage or shop floor. This reduces the risk of trip and fall incidents and keeps the floor space open for more efficient cleaning. 

The heavy-duty steel reel feeds off specifically what you require of the 1.5" X 50 foot crush-proof commercial vacuum hose on demand and permits fast and safe recovery using a never fail hand crank. The highly flexible hose has a smooth interior to optimize the performance of the vacuum. A 1.5" hose at 50 feet will increase the efficiency of your system by as much as 20% when compared to wall hung vacuums using 1.25" diameter hose. The reel is connected to a high performance vacuum through a 1.5" X 6 foot connecting hose equipped with the adapter appropriate to the system. 

The wall hung vacuum is designed to permit the user to decide if they want the hose connection through the right or left side of the vacuum allowing it to be customized to work site requirements. The vacuum offers 130 CFM and 125" of H2O water lift ensuring debris is captured and has sufficient air flow to convey the debris back to the HEPA level filter bag to be retained until disposal. The multi level melt blown PP filter bag is resistant to humidity and puncture to ensure against failure that can put your vacuums motor at risk. 120 volt control with a simple toggle switch, the vacuum is an on demand system that offers years of superior performance in application. The bag is replaced by lifting the lid from the upper debris bin for easy service. 

A full complement of commercial cleaning tools is included including a 1.5" X 54" commercial s-wand, 14" wide floor brush for servicing large areas, commercial dusting tool, paddle crevice, and upholstery tool. An additional 5" wide, 20" paddle crevice with easy grip handle is ideal for accessing tight spaces along side a car console. A claw tool replicating what one might see at a commercial car wash is ideal for matted floor surfaces of the truck of a car. A zippered mesh carry bag holds all the tools and makes pulling the appropriate tool for the task easy. 

Wall space consideration. The large reel requires a rectangular space 24" wide by 18" in height to allow full access and use to the hose from the reel. Installed, the reel will extend 20" from the wall. The vacuum requires a rectangular space 15" wide and 22" high. To be able to access the filter bag cavity for replacement, allow 12" of clearance above the vacuum. Consider mounting the vacuum at a height 60" or below that allows for easy filter bag replacement without the use of a step stool or ladder.