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98449 Separator Bucket 5 Gallon, 16 Foot Quick Click Hose, Adapters and 1.5 Inch Commercial Cleaning Tool Kit

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Optimize the performance of your home shop vacuum, garage vacuum, commercial vacuum, by reducing the impact of contaminated filters on vacuum performance.

The 98449 increases the performance and versatility of your home shop vacuum through the use of a separator, debris recovery bin, 16' Quick Click dust collection hose with five piece adapter set to source capture dust from your power tools, and high quality 1.5 commercial cleaning tool set for general shop and vehicle clean-up.

The solution includes the Quick Click translucent separator mounted on a 5 gallon heavy duty plastic pail with threaded lid to capture dust and debris before it gets to your vacuum. The separator is proven effective in both domestic and commercial use at preventing fine dust and debris from reaching your vacuum saving you money on filter bags, panel filters, and extending the life of your vacuum by exposing the vacuums motor to fine dust.

The wide diameter and smoothed air path into the separator increases the effectiveness of the cyclonic separation. Exclusive to the Quick Click design is the baffle plate which increases the effectiveness of the separator in capturing very fine dust by preventing it to returning to the vacuum along with the recovery air.

A 5 gallon heavy duty HDPE pail acts as the collection point for the captured debris. A heavy duty threaded lid makes it easy to empty debris and assures years of reliable service. A unique ratcheting locking mechanism prevents the lid from opening if tipped during use or during transport.

A standard Quick Click dust collection hose and five piece adapter set for connecting to your power tool dust shrouds is included. The five most common sizes of dust shroud are included 0.75"; 1"; 1.25"; 1.5"; and 2.25". The quick change system makes it easy to move from tool to tool with minimal hassle.

A true commercial set of cleaning tools is included. A 1.5" X 10 foot commercial vacuum hose with superior flexibility and smooth interior optimize performance. 1.5" X 54" commercial s-wand, a 14" wide floor brush, a generous natural fill dusting tool, 15" paddle crevice, and 5" upholstery tool are perfect for shop or vehicle clean-up.

Produced and packaged in the USA.