2.5 Inch x 20 Foot Poly-Urethane Ducting Hose

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Engineered to address the need for a flexible, durable ducting hose for use with commercial vacuums, blowers, 2.5" commercial blast gates, and related equipment to convey dust fumes, wood chips, and similar debris. 

2.5" X 20 foot clear thermoplastic flexible polyurethane wire supported ducting hose. Polyurethane is recognized to yield a superior hose to traditional PVC construction as it is more abrasion and puncture resistant. Attractive properties in applications where abrasive or splintered material is routinely conveyed such as wood working, metal working, fiberglass, and similar materials are captured from grinding, machining, sanding, sawing, or shaping.  It is not suitable for recovery of cutting oils or volume water conveyance.

Additional uses, heating and cooling, ventilations, ducting venting, general purpose ducting applications. 

Hose specifications:

2.5" X 20 foot clear 2 ply urethane ducting hose supported by a coated spring wire. 

Maximum working pressure at 70 degrees F: 7 psi

Material:  Polyurethane thermoplastic. 

Temperature range   -40 degrees F to 200 degrees F. 

Bend radius:  2.5" 

Vacuum:   20 Hg

Maximum flow 210 CFM 

Not recommended for conveying cutting oils and water. 

Made in the USA. 



8.00 LBS