1.5 Inch Backpack & Commercial Dry Vacuum Cleaning Accessories With 2 Piece Commercial S-Wand

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The 91255 is a commercial tool set designed for replacement or new application with commercial backpack vacuums equipped with a 1 ½” hose. The multi-surface nozzle compares favorably with the old Pro-Team EZ-glide 60543 / 101446. Carpet tools including a brush strip have proven better at capturing dirt based on industry testing methodology. The multi-surface tool is scalloped in front and back as well as the ends to prevent sealing and improve movement with minimal effort. The shoe and nylon brush can be replaced when worn. The 14” nylon fill floor brush has a window cut to the front face and is suitable for both wet and dry use. Nylon is the preferred fill type in the hospitality trade as it permits washing in hot water and detergents without degrading the fill. The anodized aluminum two piece s-wand breaks down for storage or transport but stays locked in use when the button is engaged. The ABS compression collar will accept both 1 ½” and 1 9/16” tools the two most industry common sizes. The 91255 is compatible with major brands of backpack vacuums equipped with 1 ½” hose including Pro-Team, Sandia, Power Flight, Mosquito, Carpet Pro, Tennant, Perfect, Bissell, Sanitarie, Hawk, and Mercury.

  • The 91255 is designed for new or replacement of the three most commonly required backpack vacuum accessories The set includes a 14” commercial carpet-multi-surface nozzle with nylon brush strip. A 14” nylon fill hard floor brush with wrap around non-marring bumper, and a two piece anodized aluminum s-wand with ABS compression lock compatible with all 1 ½” and 1 9/16” floor nozzles.
  • The  14” multi-surface nozzle has a wide base for easier movement on carpeted surfaces. Unlike cheaper carpet tools the wide base prevents the tool from digging into plush carpet requiring less effort and user fatigue. The wide base holds a 10” soft nylon brush strip that grooms carpeted surfaces and opens deeper pile to expose dirt for better cleaning results.
  • The brush strip is very effective for cleaning walk off mats even when debris is adhered to the surface as it dries. The tool is suitable both wet and dry making it ideal in climates where moisture comes in due to snow or rain.
  • The  14” nylon fill floor brush has a wrap around non-marring bumper. The nylon fill is window cut to prevent even larger debris being pushed in front of the tool as with a broom. The window cut opens the face of the tool to improve pick-up and better utilize the air flow from high performance backpack vacuums.
  • The two piece anodized aluminum wand has a locking feature to keep the section together during use. The ABS compression collar is designed to accept either 1 ½” or 1 9/16” floor nozzles. The collar can be adjusted to permit free movement of the tool at the wand end or locked down to hold the tool in a fixed position as best suits the application.

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