1.5 Inch S-wand, Turbine, Floor Brush, & Carpet Tool for Commercial Backpack & Dry Canister Vacuums

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Cen-Tec’s 94445 commercial accessories offer the ideal solution for cleaning all types of commercial floor surfaces with a backpack vacuum, HEPA dry vacuum, or wet-dry vacuum when used dry. The 94445 includes an industry typical two piece aluminum s-wand with a chemical resistant ABS compression collar for use with any of the three specialty nozzles included in the package. The air turbine tool is ideal for use on all types of carpeted surfaces. The wheels allow the tool to move freely across glued down carpet, walk off mats, and even hard floor surfaces. The turbine features an air relief adjustment on the face of the tool for use as deemed necessary on high pile carpets to maintain agitation. The industry first s-wand configured neck keeps the tool parallel to the cleaning surface for improved cleaning results.

The 94445 includes a 14” wide base carpet tool with a nylon grooming strip. The deep scallops of the carpet tool allow the tool to slide over the surface. The 94445 includes a 14” nylon fill floor brush with soft wrap around bumper. By selecting the right nozzle for the surface, the 94445 insures a positive result on all types of commercial flooring. The 94445 is ideal for use with all major brands of backpack vacuum and canister vacuum equipped with a 1.50” hose including Pro-Team, NSS, Powerflight, Tennent, Perfect, Mastercraft, Sandia, Tornado, Mosquito, Hawk, and Karcher. Canister vacuums include Pro-Team, Nacecare, Tornado, NSS, Karcher, Powerflight, Perfect, Nilfisk, and Tennent.

  • Cen-Tec’s 94445 is designed for new or replacement of commercial backpack or dry canister vacuums accessories for cleaning carpeted and hard surfaces in commercial environments including restaurants, hospitality areas, hotels, commercial buildings, offices, and institutional environments. It is an ideal set for use with RPP HEPA qualified vacuums providing the mandatory agitation to meet OSHA requirements.
  • The 94445 includes an eleven inch RPP qualified air turbine nozzle using the air steam of the vacuum to drive an agitator for superior carpet grooming and deep cleaning. Four wheels on the base of the turbine permit the tool to move freely on glued down carpet, walk off mats, and on to hard floor surfaces. A wiper blade trailing the agitator helps insure maximum performance of the vacuum and the optimum debris recovery. The turbine is designed for use with industry standard s-wands and keeps the tool parallel to the cleaning surface. The turbine has both a clean out feature for the turbine and an air relief option for better performance on deep pile carpeting.
  • The 94445 features a 60” two piece anodized aluminum s-wand with ABS compression collar. The wand sections are secured with a locking button to prevent unwanted separation. The ABS compression collar is designed to securely lock the wanted to any of the three tool options included in the 94445 and can be adjusted to lock the tool in a fixed position of rotate to follow the sweeping motion.
  • The 94445 includes a 14” nylon fill floor brush. A nylon fill offers a durable solution ideal for use on concrete, tile, stone, hardwood, and laminate and is not impacted by exposure to water or chemicals. The floor brush has a window cut to allow large debris to more easily enter the air stream and avoid bulldozing of debris.
  • The 94445 includes a 14” wide base multi-surface carpet nozzle with nylon brush strip. The wide base with deep scallops insures maximum performance and a tool that will avoid sealing reducing the effort of vacuuming. The nylon brush strip pivots in the base to reduce effort while providing for surface grooming of the carpeted surface. The wide base nozzle is ideal for walk off mats and other transitional flooring.

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