1.5 Inch Dust Collection Hose and Work Station Adapters

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The 98020 was developed in response to customers seeking lager diameter hoses to connect from their separators, blast gates, or home shop vacuum to work platforms that generate a larger debris profile like shapers, planers, track saws, table saws, and routers where the standard 1.25" diameter Quick Click adaptor solution may run the risk of clogging.

The 98020 is comprised of a 1.5" X 8 foot commercial grade PE/EVA crush proof plastic hose. The hose can be terminated using one or both of the 61210 swivel nose hose ends offering a 1.50" smooth interior. Our 60577 is also provided which provides a 2 inch slip end suitable for many work stations or to fit to the popular Dust Deputy.

The 98020 includes two 69226 adaptors which fit to the 61210 hose cuffs and provide 2.25" male ends for engaging vacuums, blast gates, and work stations.

Two 61666 couplings which can be used in conjunction with the adaptors to fit to a range of diameters including 1.50" ( female ) 1.75" ( male ), 2.00" ( female ); 2.25" ( male ); 2.50" (male) 2.63" ( male ) and 4.00" ( male ).

Included are one 41246 adaptor, one 41631 adaptor, and one 41213 adaptor.