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CT25QD with Panasonic/Kenmore Integrated Electric Wand

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Replacement electric power nozzle and electric wand for canister vacuums sold under the Kenmore and Panasonic brands.

As the most dynamic element of the canister the power nozzle can have a significant impact on the canister vacuums performance on carpeted surface. 

The CT25QD is a 14" wide electric power nozzle with chevron agitator. The chevron design draws debris from both ends of the power nozzle to the center where it is easily captured by the air stream from the canister vacuum. The agitator is driven by a reinforced poly-v lifetime belt which reduces noise and vibration The drive is inset to allow brushed edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. A four position height adjustment allows the nozzle to be customized to maximize embedded dirt cleaning and effective grooming of the carpet surface preserving appearance. A LED headlight and quick release wand feature rounds out this premium power nozzle. 

An aluminum ratchet telescopic electric wand delivers 120V power from the canisters electric hose on to the electric power nozzle. The wand has a collapsed length and can be extended up to 32" at one inch intervals permitting you to customize the length to match your preference. AC99PDGBZV06. 

This replacement solution is compatible with Panasonic canister model references 917; 937; 983; and 985. 

Compatible with Kenmore models sold with an electric power nozzle reference 2264; 116.22614310. 

Designed as a suitable replacement on Kenmore models:

116.23812300; 116.25615506; 116256145.06; 116.24614400; 116.23813300; 116.25615400; 116.25614504; 116.25615504; 116.22813203; 116.25614500; 116.25615500; 116.22812200; 116.22813204; 116.20182007; 116.22812201; 116.22812205; 116.22813200; 116.21875100; 116.29812990; 116.22813205; 116.20813003; 116.20912004; 116.20812008; 116.21813001; 116.29912990; 116.22812200; 116.25614500; 116.29812991; 116.22813201; 116.21875101; 116.27615700; 116.25614501; 116.27614700.