Varioflex Crushproof Hose VC Safety Orange 1.5 Inch (38mm) x 50 Ft. (15.4m)

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  • 50 full feet of length
  • This 1.5 diameter hose accepts threaded cuffs and bent Ends, allowing it work with a variety of vacuums
  • Immediately compatible with commercial vacuums such as backpack vacuums and canister vacuums
  • Part of our variable line, which insured maximum flexibility, set Still strong enough for commercial environments
  • Can be refit with 1.25 inch cuffs to work with central vacuum systems

The 62838 crush proof commercial vacuum hose is ideal for a number of applications including dry and wet-dry commercial vacuums, extraction equipment, car wash vacuums, central vacuums, and as a general use all vacuum hose where flexibility and a smooth interior is demanded. Sold standard in 50 foot lengths the 62838 commercial vacuum hose can be cut to length as necessary or provided in cut lengths direct from Cen-Tec Systems. The 62838 hose accepts standard 1.5" threaded end cuffs and fittings making it immediately compatible with most major wet dry vacuums, central vacuums and car wash applications.

The 62838 fits 1.5" (38mm) connections and is orange in color.

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