Trantor Industrial Vacuum With Debris Separator and 20 Gallon Stainless Recovery Bin

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Designed to provide pre-separation of bulk and fine material prior to remaining material being captured by multi-stage filtration of the Trantor two motor commercial vacuum reducing filter exposure and related replacement costs. 

The Trantor vacuum is a two motor commercial vacuum offering four levels of filtration to insure 99.97% of all debris 3 micron and larger is safely captured from the air stream. The first layer of filtration is a five ply blown PP filter bag offering HEPA 11 debris capture. A second basket filter to protect against any debris which might pass by the filter bag in cases where the bag has been improperly installed. A third layer of filtration is provided by a washable HEPA cartridge filter with expanded filter surface. Finally an exhaust filter post motor to capture any carbon dust from the motors. 

The Trantor vacuum is equipped with two two stage bypass Ametek motors of 1000w providing 180 CFM and 98 inches of water lift sufficient making the unit powerful enough to insure elevated cleaning and surface cleaning needs are met. 

The Trantor is equipped with an automatic filter shaker which operates each time the vacuum is turned off to clear any fine particulate from the surface of the HEPA filter cartridge insuring performance of the vacuum is not compromised.  A 120v 15 amp plug is provided designed for remote start of the vacuum from the control switch of any power tool operating through the vacuum. 

The system includes a 77 liter ( 20 Gallon ) Quick Click stainless steel pre-separator which captures debris prior to entering the vacuum. The separator is equally effective in capturing dry and liquids.  The separator is mounted on a mobile tilt cart making if easy to dispose of collected materials. The use of a pre-separator significantly reduces the material flowing through to the vacuum dramatically reducing the need to replace filters reducing on going operating costs. 

The Quick Click separator is molded of chemical resistant HDPE and features a unique baffle system designed to be equally effective in separating large and fine debris. Designed to smooth the airpath with curved surfaces and extra wide diameter the Quick Click separator is remarkably efficient while not compromising the power provided by the vacuum. 

The solution is ideal for use in elevated cleaning applications, industrial and plant production environments where performance filtration is demanded, Construction site clean up requiring green practices certification, woodworking, auto body repair, and similar applications calling for high performance filtration in environments capturing both bulk and fine particulate. 

75.00 LBS