Titanus XL 3 Motor Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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The Titanus XL was developed to address the unique needs of the gutter cleaning market and similar applications where debris can include both dry and wet material, water, and similar mixed materials. In addition to gutter cleaning there are applications in fish ponds and pond gardens where there is occasion for vacuuming debris done on a routine basis collecting both wet and dry materials. The Titanus XL models would be ideal for applications like construction site clean-up, companies providing exterior home washing services, landscaping services, and property management services where exterior use may occur frequently.

There are two models one two motor and a second three motor version.  In both cases they employ 1000W motors which are higher performance than the 800W motors in the traditional Titanus sold to date.

The two motor version will be equipped with two 1000W motors independently controlled as with the traditional Titanus. The two motor version will pull 16-18 amps with both motors operating allowing for use on typical 20 amp home circuits. Two motors will commonly be sufficient to support single and two story gutter cleaning and most other general use exterior use applications.

The three motor version will be equipped with three 1000W motors independently controlled as with the traditional Titanus. The three motor version offer more versatility. It can support single, two, and three story homes and commercial properties. As with the two motor version two motors would be sufficient for most single and two story homes operating on the homes exterior 120V outlets. Activating the third motor will take the unit beyond typical home circuits drawing 24-26 amps. It should be noted that any sealed condition will raise the amp draw so collecting heavy wet debris which can restrict free flow of air will increase the amp draw. We view the three motor unit as the appropriate selection for the professional gutter cleaner who will encounter a wide range of situations during the course of their work. General use of the three motor unit will demand the user employ a power generator to ensure they have sufficient power to operate the vacuum with all three motors in use. Many contractors will already have a standalone generator. We will have available for sale a power generator providing 30 amps at 120V with remote start sufficient to meet the demands of the Titanus XL 3-motor vacuum. Josh took a picture of the generator will offer on our website should a customer seek a one stop purchase.

The XL version has features not present on the standard Titanus.

Both the front and rear casters are more robust. The primary casters on the rear have wide base pneumatic tires better equipped for use in exterior environments. The front locking casters are more robust than those found on the Titanus. They are molded rubber casters with heavy duty steel yokes. They have a locking feature not found on the standard Titanus which permits them to be locked when traveling on a trailer or in a truck bed preventing the unit from undesired movement. These heavy casters are better able to move over uneven ground and loose surface material. They also help support the weight of the unit on and off trailers or out of truck beds.

Both XL versions have a drain plug at the base of the tank which permits water to be drained from the tank before the tank is tipped to dispose of debris. This reduces weight which can be challenging as the user tips the cart for dumping.

Both XL version continue with the 2” tangential entry point support the high airflow appropriate for transporting wet debris over distance. We will offer these with the 2” X 25 foot hose and related components and often with extended height gutter poles which increase the distance from point of use to the vacuum to 60 feet. We would discourage the use of 1.50” hose for this same reason other than for general use commercial vacuum tools, s-wand, and brush tool as an example.

Both version continue with the galvanized steel conical cone and the washable HEPA filter which serves to protect the tangential discharge by-pass motors.

Titanus XL should not be plugged into a house outlet if 3 motors are going to be used at the same time. A portable generator is recommended to power all 3 of the motors.

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