Aluminum Telescopic Wand and Combination Vacuum Floor Tool and Accessories Kit, Ratchet w, Black

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The 41004 aluminum telescopic wand features a button lock top to hook onto hose handles, with a friction fit on the other end to slide into 1. 25 inch accessory tools. The compressed length is 23. 5” and extends to approximately 39”. The locking button onto the hose handle insures a tight fit and makes sure to stay tightly connected at the hose end. The lightweight aluminum construction is both light and durable. The wand is compatible with all standard 1. 25 inch diameter hose handles and attachments. The 37737 is a premium nozzle for both hard floor and carpeted surfaces. The tool is virtually silent when moving across hard floor surfaces due to the oversized wheel located just under the double pivot neck. The neck pivots first at the tool and then at the neck base to insure maximum cleaning performance. The 37737 is compatible with all canister vacuums, commercial back pack vacuums using 1. 25” accessories, and all major brands of central vacuum including Beam, Electrolux, Vacumaid, Cyclovac, MD, Vacuflo, Canavac, Nutone, Eureka, and Imperium. To confirm the 37737 consider the nozzle end of your wand or extension tube. If it has a connection without a button and measures approximately 1. 1/4” on the outside surface, it should be compatible. The 37737 is not compatible with several brands of European vacuums like Miele which require a 1. 375” neck. This package also includes dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool with natural fill slide on.

  • The 12” 37737 is designed for silent movement on hard floor with a wrap around nylon brush and low noise wheel. The brush is retracted using and on the tool rocker switch and then is suitable for all carpeted surfaces. The 1 ¼” neck of the tool double pivots to follow you through the vacuuming motion keeping the face of the tool at the ideal angle to insure cleaning performance.
  • The stainless base plate has deep channels to the tool edge to insure excellent edge cleaning and maximum air flow for capturing debris. Two lint strips in front of and behind an oversized channel capture lint and fibers from the carpets surface and help direct them into the air stream.
  • The brush is supported with a stamped steel back plate to insure uniform support for the brush when on hard floor surfaces and protecting the base of the tool from damaging sensitive surfaces.
  • The oversized pedal is easily operated with the foot to ease transitions from carpet to hard floor making the 37737 ideal for today’s home with a mix of floor surfaces.
  • Compatible with all canister vacuums, central vacuums, and commercial back pack vacuums using 1. 25” accessories
  • Compatible with major brands of central vacuum, including Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Hayden, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, Canavac, Cyclovac, Imperium, and Honeywell
  • The compressed length is 23. 5” and extends to approximately 39”
  • Aluminum construction is both lightweight and durable
  • Button lock on the hose handle end insures a tight fit
  • Full range of accessories, including dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool
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