2 Inlet Central Vacuum Installation Kit, Silver

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Whether you're updating your existing central vacuum system or installing a brand new one, this standard adapter kit makes it easy! This kit comes with 2 inlets and all the fittings you'll need for a complete installation. Included is the kit are 2 silver standard inlets, 2 inlet mounting brackets, two 2x2 adapters, 2 short 90 elbows, 1 adapter for the power unit connection, and 1 central vacuum installation guide. The standard adapter kit makes installation incredibly easy thanks to the patented 2x2 adapters. These adapters allow central vacuum fittings to connect to standard plumbing PVC pipe. This means you can use readily available PVC pipe to run your system through your home, saving you time and money. The 2x2 adapters are designed so that plumbing pipe and vacuum pipe connect for a snug fit and flush interior wall. Because the adapters attach outside the pipe, unhindered airflow moves the vacuumed debris through the system without snags, ridges, or other obstructions that could cause clogs.

  • Standard adapter inlet installation kit to update or install with any central vacuum system utilizing patented 2x2 adapters to connect to regular PVC piping
  • Compatible with all major brands of central vacuum, including: MD, Beam, Imperium, VacuMaid, Vacuflo, Canavac, Cyclovac, Honeywell, Nutone, NuEra, Electrolux, and Husky
  • 2x2 adapters create a seamless connection between central vacuum sized fittings and standard PVC pipes, allowing you to purchase inexpensive and readily available plumbing PVC for your installation
  • Utilizing the adapters with standard schedule 40 plumbing PVC saves you time and money
  • Silver valves are 3 inches x 5 inches
  • Sleek, spring-loaded door for a discreet design

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