1.25 Inch Premium Home Shop Vacuum Hose, with 1 Inch X 10 foot Premium Whip Hose & Adapters for Power Tool Dust Recovery

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  • Cen-Tec Systems 94214 features a 1.25” foot commercial grade vacuum hose with 2.5” connector for all major brands of home shop vacuums and a 360 degree swivel adapter accepting industry standard 1.25” accessory tools. The highly flexible vacuum hose has a smooth interior to prevent clogs and get the most performance available from the vacuum.
  • Cen-Tec’s 94214 includes a 1.0” X 10 foot crush-proof whip hose which can be connected to the vacuum hose and then connected to power tools using the provided soft molded TPE tool adapters. The 1.0”  diameter light weight whip hose allows for free movement of the power tool without kinking and allowing for dust collection from all major brands of power tools equipped for dust recovery during use.  By simply threading off the swivel adapter and threading on the hose end of the whip hose you have a power tool dust recovery solution for working up to 20 feet from the vacuum.
  • Cen-Tec’s 94214 features a soft 1” TPE adapter for mating the hose with all major brands of power tools and power tool shrouds equipped for dust recovery during the use of the power tool. A 1.0” interior diameter adapter press fits on the end of the 1” whip hose end and can fit over male power tool or shrouds with a 1.0” male connection. The 1.0” adapter has four concentric rings to press fit firmly onto the tool and hold during use. Some tools and shrouds accept this same fitting as a 1.40” tapered male connection where to soft TPE material holds firm.
  • Cen-Tec’s 94214 features a second soft 1.50” TPE adapter for mating with major power tools and shrouds equipped for a 1.50” hose connection. The 1.50” adapter will press fit onto either the shop vacuum hose swivel adapter or onto the 1” whip hose end fitting as deemed appropriate for the application. Using the shop vacuum hose as the connecting hose provides a bigger diameter hose for debris and dust recovery of larger material. If a more flexible or lighter weight hose is needed this same adapter can be connected to the 1” whip hose. A third adapter can be inserted into the 1.50” TPE component to connect to many work stations that accept a traditional shop vac 2.25” connector.
  • Cen-Tec’s 94214 features a proprietary hose to tank fitting that is designed to maximize the inner diameter where the hose enters the vacuum to reduce the potential for clogging from large debris. The tank end measure 2.25” on the lead edge and expands to 2.30” at the base of the cylinder making for a snug fit on all major brands of home shop vacuums. Be aware that many home shop vacuums indicate a 2.5” connection which does not represent the inner diameter of the female connection.

The 94214 is designed to provide the owner of a home shop vacuum the benefit of a 1.25” foot premium commercial grade hose for general use of the vacuum and at the same time allow for the vacuums use for dust recovery when connected to most major brands of power tools inclusive of a dust recovery port or tool shroud. A second 1” X 10 foot lightweight highly flexible hose can be added to connect to smaller power tools. The hose's lighter weight and added flexibility permits the use and manipulation of smaller tools like palm sanders without the hose interfering with or restricting movement. Consider using an overhead hook to hang the larger 1.25” hose with the 1” hose draping from above onto the working surface. The 94214 includes two soft TPE adapters that can press fit to either the 1.25” or if working with the 1” hose then the 1” hose and engage with industry typical dust ports on tools or dust shrouds. The 1” adapter fits over and hold firmly to tools or shrouds with a 1” male outer diameter. There are some shrouds and tools designed for a female connection and this same adapters 1.39" lead edge to 1.44” expanded diameter is designed for a firm hold in most common dust ports of this design. A second 1.50” soft TPE inner diameter fitting will again fit to either hose section and onto power tools with 1.50” outer diameter dust ports like those found on most miter saws. This same fitting would accept the third adapter for connecting to work stations with 2.25” connection ports. The adapters provided with the 94214 permit connections to most major brands of power tools and related shrouds including Skil Bosch, Porter Cable, DeWalt, Festool, Hitachi, Kobalt, Makita, and Craftsman as well as many brands of work station in support of these tools. The tank end is designed to fit most major brands of home shop vacuums including Shop Vac, Craftsman, Ridged, Vacmaster, DeWalt, Festool, Dustless, and Fein.

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